Monday, April 20, 2009

SonRise 2009

Every year, Southern Adventist University hosts something called SonRise every Easter weekend. It's a pretty incredible production that takes place across the entire campus. It's a walk-through of Jerusalem in Jesus' final hours and throughout the day, 10 thousand people will walk through and see it. Here are a few favorites from that day, though I had to leave before I could see the hanging Judas or the Crucifixion and Resurrection :(. Next year though!

And even though this had nothing to do with the actual production, this one's my favorite...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On the Rocks...

This weekend, besides SonRise (pictures from there to come later) was pretty crazy, hectic, full and sleep-deprived, but I got in an hour or so to try out something I saw in a photography magazine once...just because I thought it was cool, Ha, literally!...(awww...the cheeeese! I'm sorry, bad joke). Had some help from my roommie's mom too, anyhoo, here's the fun.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Roommate Fun...

So Steph and I got back from a relaxing church service, made lunch and used the talents of Houdini to conquer a 3D-Puzzle ball.  After which, it was too beautiful of a day to waste (since Mother Nature's mood swing happen to be "up" at the moment).  So we took to the sidewalks and tried to figure out a good place for pictures.  It was a bright sunny day, which made portraits really hard...tree, no.  Field, no.  Place next to a fence and tractor, no.  We couldn't find anything that was different and fun.  Hahaha, I guess that exposes my photographer's creative skills if I can't find anything on a sunny day.  Though I do like the contrast it causes on things like trees, like the one at the bottom for the Archive section...I got that one after we'd been dejected from any good portraits there, lol. 

In ANY case, we went near a creek and looked down from the side-walk and with that, Steph said, "Man, I really want to get in."  Just coming from a cold-snap, I couldn't imagine, but the next thing I knew, Stephanie was deserting her jacket and sunglasses on the sidewalk and scuttling down to the water.  Indeed, it was freezing (I found out first hand not too much later), but we got some fun ones :)



Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh Ice-cream Man!

Sorry, this wasn't a photo-shoot, but I just had to put this one up...It may seem truly sad that I grew up in a place with no ice-cream trucks, but you would've been able to tell by the way my face lit up yesterday. I was in my apartment and my roommate said, "oh, there's the ice-cream truck." With that, I heard the tell-tale ice-cream-truck-ditty and promptly tore out onto the side-walk to see (no I didn't buy anything, it was freezing cold). I'd never seen a real one (well...I think I saw one at the park, but it had a flat tire and wasn't that doesn't count), the thought is just unbearably amusing, grown people breaking out of their houses and chasing after a tune-tinkering ice-cream truck.

Lol, that Kohls commercial comes to mind..I found it on YouTube, but it's horrible quality, and what makes it is the Ice-cream man and his expressions, slowing down and speeding up, eating ice-cream and taunting them and never letting the young and old ever catch up to him.

Haha, aaanyway...summer is almost here! More ice-cream truck sightings to come...



Friday, April 3, 2009

Tyler Melashenko

So my best friend's cousin is getting pretty serious on the music scene. He's a goofball and absolutely fun. The day after Candace and Ricky's wedding, he was wanting to take some pictures for his myspace ( I highly recommend you listen! Fun music to say the least. It was a very quick shoot...he had an idea in mind and we headed out towards a rusted vehicle 'n put up shop. There was a slight concern when campus safety drove by and I was on top of the roof, but surprisingly they just kept driving. All the while, I got my favorite shot of the bunch :)

Candace and Ricky Wedding

So I just recently figured out a branding, and we'll see how it works :). Now that that's out of the way and I've gotten a blog-layout that looks semi-decent (though I wish I could make it wider still...if you have any suggestions, COMMENT!), I figured I'd finally put some photos on the photo-blog.

Well, I figured I'd just start with my first wedding instead of trying to update you on the past year of my pictorial learning-curve. Those are all on my Facebook...

Candace and Ricky got married on March 20, 2009 and I had the privilege of being their photographer. It was a small, oober-cute Southern wedding with a simple ceremony. It was held in the late afternoon, though I was very glad there was daylight left for the formals. My good friend Missy Swanson accompanied me and took some awesome shots as well. Here are some favorites!

She had two beautiful dresses; one for the ceremony, and one for the reception...

And here comes the cutest of all. While I was taking this picture....

...Missy snapped the winner:

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