Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh Ice-cream Man!

Sorry, this wasn't a photo-shoot, but I just had to put this one up...It may seem truly sad that I grew up in a place with no ice-cream trucks, but you would've been able to tell by the way my face lit up yesterday. I was in my apartment and my roommate said, "oh, there's the ice-cream truck." With that, I heard the tell-tale ice-cream-truck-ditty and promptly tore out onto the side-walk to see (no I didn't buy anything, it was freezing cold). I'd never seen a real one (well...I think I saw one at the park, but it had a flat tire and wasn't that doesn't count), the thought is just unbearably amusing, grown people breaking out of their houses and chasing after a tune-tinkering ice-cream truck.

Lol, that Kohls commercial comes to mind..I found it on YouTube, but it's horrible quality, and what makes it is the Ice-cream man and his expressions, slowing down and speeding up, eating ice-cream and taunting them and never letting the young and old ever catch up to him.

Haha, aaanyway...summer is almost here! More ice-cream truck sightings to come...



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