Sunday, April 5, 2009

Roommate Fun...

So Steph and I got back from a relaxing church service, made lunch and used the talents of Houdini to conquer a 3D-Puzzle ball.  After which, it was too beautiful of a day to waste (since Mother Nature's mood swing happen to be "up" at the moment).  So we took to the sidewalks and tried to figure out a good place for pictures.  It was a bright sunny day, which made portraits really hard...tree, no.  Field, no.  Place next to a fence and tractor, no.  We couldn't find anything that was different and fun.  Hahaha, I guess that exposes my photographer's creative skills if I can't find anything on a sunny day.  Though I do like the contrast it causes on things like trees, like the one at the bottom for the Archive section...I got that one after we'd been dejected from any good portraits there, lol. 

In ANY case, we went near a creek and looked down from the side-walk and with that, Steph said, "Man, I really want to get in."  Just coming from a cold-snap, I couldn't imagine, but the next thing I knew, Stephanie was deserting her jacket and sunglasses on the sidewalk and scuttling down to the water.  Indeed, it was freezing (I found out first hand not too much later), but we got some fun ones :)



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