Friday, May 22, 2009

The Accident -- Film shoot

One great thing about being in film and not part of a shoot going on is that I can go on-set and just be an on-set photographer. I went out for a couple days and just took pictures of people the entire time, I absolutely loved it!

The school's production company was commissioned by a church in Georgia to film a short for a worship thought/conversation starter. So lucky us, we get to crash a truck off a bridge at the literal request of someone :). So with 8 cameras rolling, a rainy set-back and remarkably TWO takes of the crash, it was a blast, and I got lots of pictures.

I'll admit, I wanted to make a Flash Slideshow, but after exploring the avenues I'd have to go through to get it on here, I have a feeling it'll be a bit. A tackle for another time.
Until then, here are the links and a few of my favs from the day :) Album 1 Album 2 Album 3

And one pretty high on the favorites list would be this one of all the P2 cards after shooting:

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