Friday, May 22, 2009

Mollye Olive

So I've been staying with my best friend and her family for the past couple weeks. I've grown up with them pretty much, and her sister, whom I've endearingly nick-named Mollye Olive because of a childhood finger-food habit, thought it'd be fun to take some pictures.

So we headed out and collected our accomplices: balloons :)

We got a few good ones with them, but we got tired of being howled at by motor passersby, so we left in search of better locations. Half of them got popped by the heat anyway.

So we went to a park that happened to have the COOLEST, old red barn that just oozes Southern Summer and we had at it. Enjoy:)

And the Final Fotographer's Fave, I think this one steals it for me. With hints of red, blue and splattered walls, I call it the Star Spangled Banner ;-), it reminds me so much of the South, just makes me think of a country song, but yeah, this one's my favorite:

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