Friday, June 26, 2009

Undone laces 'n Bubblegum...oh and a broken lens.

Although the shoot had a mechanically morbid ending, Amy and I had been looking forward to shooting together for a while. I remember seeing her one day on our way to church and saying, "I HAVE to take pictures of you in that outfit!" Girl talk, yes I know, but it was the coolest and the visions already started forming. So on our time off yesterday, we went to the pool and shot some.

And the for the Final Fotographer's Faves, you can't have awesome pink shoes and a blonde at a pool without bubble gum :)

The diving board shots were so much fun, but alas on my way down, the strap caught and yanked the camera out of my hands. *Clatter* is not what you want to hear during a shoot and it's the worst thing in the world to see your camera hit concrete. Welp, the nice lens (that happens to be my sister-in-law's) is shot...*solemn moment* lol, I hope you enjoyed its last fatal shots. We're off to find a new one!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer time...

Every morning at camp council, I always look over and see the old rickety dock framed by bright green grass in the foreground, completely lit up by the morning sun. Everything is so serene, and the scene just begs for someone to go flailing off the dock to shatter the peace. I've thought this for the past few summers, and though the shot ended up happening at a different angle, it was still pretty cool to get. Props to Daniel who ran and jumped like a bafoon at my bidding for a little while, lol.

Jennica Hennica

Being at camp, you get to know some awesome people. This is my fifth year at this camp, and every year I've been here, the same awesome lady helps govern the office, and this particular year, she was wondering about some Senior pictures for her little lady Jennica. I was up for the blast, so we both found a time we'd be able to go, and off we went.

So'd be the ONE scorching hot day out of the week, as well as the sunniest (it's been wonderfully cloudy and diffused the whole entire week). So not only were we having difficulty with the sunny side, but the sweaty side as well. Still, it was fun. But we're both heading out again sometime before the summer ends. So expect more, especially since we won't let the incompetent weather get us down (since it seemed so pompous when it was PERFECT for a shoot later that, not bitter or anything).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sweet Babeh -- Holli and Jeremy :)

Here at summer camp, my role as climbing wall director is made immensely easier because of a family that comes and helps us set up the rocks, anchors, etc. One of the sons and his wife comes every year too, and THIS particular year, she happens to be a nice 8 months along with their first little girl.

During lunch, I looked over and noticed Jeremy lovingly stroking and talking to Holli's belly. It was SO adorable that I wanted to capture it, so before they left, we ran into the racquetball room and did just that.

Here's the cuteness!

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