Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sweet Babeh -- Holli and Jeremy :)

Here at summer camp, my role as climbing wall director is made immensely easier because of a family that comes and helps us set up the rocks, anchors, etc. One of the sons and his wife comes every year too, and THIS particular year, she happens to be a nice 8 months along with their first little girl.

During lunch, I looked over and noticed Jeremy lovingly stroking and talking to Holli's belly. It was SO adorable that I wanted to capture it, so before they left, we ran into the racquetball room and did just that.

Here's the cuteness!


  1. awwww.... family love is so sweet :)

  2. Great shots, I wish we had gotten some fun pictures of Jason and I while I was preggo!!!

  3. Great pictures! And I love that you're in a racquetball room. I think the background is awesome.
    You're definitely good enough to throw out the legible signature/logo rule :D


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