Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jennica Hennica

Being at camp, you get to know some awesome people. This is my fifth year at this camp, and every year I've been here, the same awesome lady helps govern the office, and this particular year, she was wondering about some Senior pictures for her little lady Jennica. I was up for the blast, so we both found a time we'd be able to go, and off we went.

So'd be the ONE scorching hot day out of the week, as well as the sunniest (it's been wonderfully cloudy and diffused the whole entire week). So not only were we having difficulty with the sunny side, but the sweaty side as well. Still, it was fun. But we're both heading out again sometime before the summer ends. So expect more, especially since we won't let the incompetent weather get us down (since it seemed so pompous when it was PERFECT for a shoot later that, not bitter or anything).

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