Friday, July 31, 2009

...aaaand bringin' up the rest of Jennica's!

With a couple weeks left of camp, we hit the scenery for the rest of Jennica's senior pictures. We actually went out twice more and had a blast; once near the entrance flowers and the other up at her haven, the horse-barn :) Got in some exciting shots as well as practice with the prime lens. Gorgeous 'n photogenic, here are some faves, though I had a hard time choosing. Needless to say, I loved shooting at the barn!

Catchin' up with Anders...

Wow, it's been quite the past few weeks...or month. Since then, I've replaced the crunchy lens and continued the photography adventures with a Nifty Fifty prime f1.8 and a semi fisheye lens...they're still a big learn-in-progress (can't say I wasn't warned by a couple awesome photographers though...Thanks Alan 'n Kristin). I've just been horrible at keeping the masses posted ;-) So without further ado, here is some proof I've been up to SOMEthing :)

Meet Anders, a mellow graduated senior who I also worked at camp with this summer. He was also a camper the first year that I happened to be working in the kitchen. I remember it being my personal mission every meal to make him crack a smile, so you can imagine my amusement in getting that smile out of him multiple times for a photo-shoot. Still, his thoughtful demeanor came through and I think those were some of my faves:

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