Friday, July 31, 2009

Catchin' up with Anders...

Wow, it's been quite the past few weeks...or month. Since then, I've replaced the crunchy lens and continued the photography adventures with a Nifty Fifty prime f1.8 and a semi fisheye lens...they're still a big learn-in-progress (can't say I wasn't warned by a couple awesome photographers though...Thanks Alan 'n Kristin). I've just been horrible at keeping the masses posted ;-) So without further ado, here is some proof I've been up to SOMEthing :)

Meet Anders, a mellow graduated senior who I also worked at camp with this summer. He was also a camper the first year that I happened to be working in the kitchen. I remember it being my personal mission every meal to make him crack a smile, so you can imagine my amusement in getting that smile out of him multiple times for a photo-shoot. Still, his thoughtful demeanor came through and I think those were some of my faves:

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