Saturday, September 26, 2009

Becky and Chris :-)

Last Friday, I was heading in to the apartment when my roommate, Adrienne, was headed out, saying she was going on her first portrait shoot :). She asked me along and it sounded like a blast. They were friends of hers from high school, so we all went downtown to a place where there were lots of cool buildings and just had fun.

Lol, in fact, the most fun and memorable part was when it started pouring rain and our "reflector" (my vehicle's collapsible sun-shade) became our umbrella and we just kept on shooting.

In time, it let up and we just kept the umbrella :).

Hardly stopped laughing, it was classic. Adrienne got some really awesome shots too. Add in the GQ 'n that wrapped up a totally fun shoot.

Asked a graphic designer friend a couple questions about quality pics on the web...we'll see if these turn out!

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  1. These are absolutely breathtaking!!! Oh my goodness, I love all of them. You are amazing!


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