Thursday, September 17, 2009

First published work!

Okay, so yes, it's only the school newspaper and I'm sure this feat has been accomplished by some average, point-and-shoot Joe or Jane, but I'd have to say it's pretty exciting the first time you see a photo you took and your name printed on the front page of "the paper."

But to be obesely honest, posting this is an experiment for the technical quality of pictures here on the blog. I've noticed other professionals and their blogs come out SO crystal clear on their blog, and mine comes out a bit compressed looking...SOOO, I took advantage of meeting Ed Bourn, the online and technology director at the Chattanooga Times Free Press. He told me to try resizing it in Photoshop before-hand, so the quality wouldn't be compromised during compression. Didn't even think of it...let's see if it works! He also suggested Flickr, which a number of fellow photographers have also suggested for other reasons, such as hard-drive crash (Thanks Katie!). In any case, we'll get this high-quality mumbo-jumbo underway 'til the picture quality comes out crispy like chips. Huzzah!

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