Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pocket Camera Bokeh...

I know this topic would be quite elementary to the pros out there, so I guess it's a good thing this post isn't for you :) This one goes out to all the amateur photogs like me who are trying to learn their way around the world of photography on their own.

So bokeh...the first time I heard that term, ya know, "excellent bokeh" I was thinking, maybe it's just slang for "The Shizz" and what-what of the money-shots. So wrong, lol. Thanks to google, I found out what it was:

"In photography, bokeh is the blur,[1][2] or the ├Žsthetic quality of the blur,[3][4][5] in out-of-focus areas of an image."

Yay Wikipedia.

This could also be described as the "circles of confusion," when something goes so out of focus, that the twinkling lights behind will bloom to these really cool looking circles. It helps separate your subject from the background, making them pop and letting your viewers know that they're the focus of the composition.

Hence, something like this:

Essentially, there are factors that contribute to depth of field (and bokeh)...aperture, distance between the camera and subject...ding ding, focal length. Basically meaning a little point-and-shoot would achieve this with difficulty, right? That's what I thought.

So in explaining all of this, I'm merely just passing on an interesting tidbit I found on how you can get that bokeh effect with that cool little point 'n shoot that doesn't have the natural side-effects of awesomeness. Lol, beauty isn't always pain (of wallet).

Here it is! (click the picture)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Blast with the Past: BeckyLynn :)

Crazy paradigm shifts happen when you reconnect with childhood best friends. You look at them like you're still talking to the kid you played with, but a double-take reminds you that they're...well...big...and all grown up. Crazy, but a blast to experience.

BeckyLynn and I were best friends in the 3rd and 4th grade, but she moved away to Florida after her 5th grade. We reconnected once in high school, but never saw each other again until now. Her mom invited me over for lunch and we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon out taking pictures and having fun catching up. It was just like, *click* and we just seemed to pick up right where we left off. Here are some from the day!













She was unafraid to try the "unsmiling Vogue shots," which was pretty awesome...


...But her bubbly-self always prevailed...


It was fun not taking ourselves seriously, haha.

And now for the Final Fotographer's Fave, picture if you will two girls wanting to take a picture together and no third hand to release a shutter. One is setting shot and focus, the other patiently waiting until the light of the timer is started. "K it's going." *Scuttle to place and get in position* ...timer blink. blink. blink. hold. "The light stopped! *counts* 1 - 2 - *hair flip*" "Did it work??" picture it again and again and again for an hour until we got the one we were looking for :-P In that light, we were laughing non-stop as we were arranging this collage, realizing exactly how much ridiculous fun we went through. From the little back-story, I hope you look on the caption with humor. Maybe it's something you had to be there for, but it's okay, you can laugh at us. It was our intention :)


Sunday, October 4, 2009

West Side for Jesus

For today's Sabbath afternoon outreach, SAU went downtown Chattanooga to the projects to play with the kids! We went out into the middle of the nearly empty complex and just started, soccer, jump rope, and it wasn't long before we were surrounded by an abundance of the cutest children!

Here are some of my favorites :) And my apologies if you saw earlier posts that weren't finished yet...I was experimenting and getting my newest skill on: bigger pictures! Huzzah ;-)

Getting organized... Four full vans went out and about 60 students were involved with either the kids or prayer ministry.

Sidewalk chalking was a hit :)




Adrienne's hair was tied and retied in abundance (even by little boys):-P



We gave out pudding and vanilla wafers for them to snack on while they listened to a story.



Riding on shoulders seemed to be the highest form of attention...and the highest in demand.





Almost as popular as shoulders were the cameras...they LOVED having their picture taken! As well as becoming little photographers themselves :)


And as all things must come to an end, it was darling and heartbreaking when I overheard a little boy wanting to come home with us and gently being told he couldn't :(


All in all, an awesome afternoon! be followed up by a very short-lived participation in our annual All-night Softball Tournament, haha. What can I say though, it was fun :)

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