Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Behance Network | My portfolio

So lately I've been stressing out and searching for places I'd like to do my internship at. When I was lamenting to my good friend and fellow filmmaker Leslie Foster, he suggested to start off by putting together my resume and portfolio. Now, as basic and no-brained as it seems, you must remember that a filmmaker's resume is completely different than your typical boringography. Typically you make a demo-reel and this is something that my privileged schooling has in mind for a future semester. This, lol, THIS type of resume, I had never seen before, so he kindly sent over his, AND introduced me to an awesome portfolio site with a sleek design, made just for arteests 'n the like: Behance.

Thus I enjoyed spending my entire day exploring and adding, commenting and seeing exactly how crazy-gifted some people are (c'mon, any sound-designer who makes a song by sampling sounds from the tree in his backyard is a hero in my book). But yes, it is for filmmakers, photographers, graphic designers, animators, motion-designers, sound-designers and many other concentrations.

So without further ado, here's mine :)

Tanya Musgrave Portfolio

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