Friday, December 18, 2009

May bells and a Southern belle: Tricia Pt. 2

I am so excited and privileged to announce the booking of Jeana and Andrew's Wedding! Jeana is a high school friend of mine and I can't wait to help preserve her special day. What is also oober-awesome is that Emily Kay will be my second shooter! She is an amazing photographer and friend. I can't wait! Look for it come May :)

And with out further ado, here it is! Part two of Patricia's shoot that we did in-between our classes :-P We moved outside with this one (our previous half of the session being in the studio) ([Part One: Starry Eyed Surprise here]). Since pre-final snowballings were getting crazy for both of us , we stuck around campus, but still got some fun ones despite a slight wrench in the mix (darn those keys getting locked in...thanks to Steph for bailing us out). She let me have creative freedom and I experimented with some colors and lens-flares, so you might find a hodge-podge of styles in this one. I think me-likey :) Me hopey you do too...


She absentmindedly was walking around and I suddenly shouted, "Stay right there!!" She had stepped into a beautiful sunny spot that just put the most awesome lighting on nerd, lol I know, but I'm glad we found it :)


There were leaves EVERYwhere, so we got to kick 'em up a bit :)



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