Monday, December 7, 2009

Starry-eyed Surprise: Tricia Pt. 1

So Patricia approached me with a desire to take pictures for her parents as a Christmas present. And yesterday started a two-part session! I just recently got my ring-light back (an awesome project built with dad *smile*), and wanted to try it again. My original use for it was for film, but it has amazing results for photography: nice even lighting and trippy catch-lights in the eyes. Perfect for a winter shoot :)

I'll be honest though, I tend to like being on-location so much more...seems to be more options, though it was a total blast shooting with her :) Which is why I'm not lamenting too deeply, for there will be a part two!

So here it is: my first blog of studio photography!









For those photographers curious about the ring-light, there's a site that got me interested in it. My dad and I built it with internal wiring, and a sturdier, more finished product, but if you want a look at the concept, here it is.

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