Friday, February 26, 2010

Webisode and Washed Away

So excited today for a few reasons...1, I am now officially on Spring Break! (Could've started yesterday, but I had a class that went 'til 10...granted it's a fun one, but still...2, I leave tonight (technically tomorrow morning) to fly out of Atlanta for Mexico! Woot! And 3, my department just churned out Webisode #3, and it makes my department look the oober-cool that it is :) You even see me in it for a SPLIT second at 8:58.

Episode #3 Geeked Out from SAU-Visual Art and Design on Vimeo.

And for those who were wanting to see Washed Away when I mentioned it in My 2009, and back when it was called The Accident, you can see it here. *points down* They just posted it up. Just click the pic!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

#58, check! Cookie's 10th birthday...

I had the most relaxing Friday night at my friend Meagan's house, and she realized that it was her golden retriever's birthday the next day. This is quite the feat, because exactly one week before, they weren't sure if she'd make it...something about arthritis meds gone wrong.

But she's good now! Despite the guys' jokes of her not still not making it to her birthday, it was a very joyous occasion, and I knew I'd brought my camera for some reason. We literally threw this together on our way out, since we were trying to get to church on time, lol. So, woot for Cookie's 10th birthday, and #58 from my bucketlist checked off: Do a pet shoot :) Enjoy!



A bread-cake, iced with peanut butter and garnished with a milk-bone :)


Cookie didn't really appreciate the party-hat, but after a few readjustments, she kinda stuck with it...


As did the other dogs in the family, Snoodles and the new puppy, Ellie.



It was pretty cool when Meagan's mom brought out a picture of Cookie when they first got her...


Meagan's mom got in the with the festivities, also requesting one of these shots (below). Cookie doesn't really fancy the new puppy's energy very much...especially when it comes a bit close to her birthday treat...


A doggie's 10th; sweet action eh?

A package 'n check-marks: #17, #29...woot!

Woohoos all around for some more checks off the bucketlist for this year :-P

#17, was to call an old friend out of the blue. I actually wasn't planning it; Thursday I sat next to a guy whose brother was one of my best friends in 8th grade and lo and behold, he gave me Jordan's number. Called him up, and crazy enough, we caught up later that evening at the Creamy Bean over some sandwiches and delicious sushi. Good stuff!

#29 (Get a Gary Fong's Light Diffuser) -- came on Friday...way too cool. Lol, lots of practice to be had before the evening weddings this coming season...


And that would've been cool enough, had I not gotten a package that same day from one of my girls in Majuro! Totally psyched me out to see her handwriting after two years since I was her teacher there in the Marshall Islands (student missionary for a year). Besides including the book I lent her two years ago (lol, island time, what can I say?), she got me the coolest t-shirt that I'll treasure forever. Can't wait to go back 'n check off #1 on my list!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Roommate Fun II...and dentures.

Stephanie, my roommate from last year, is now my R.A. for this year, but I forgive her, since we still get to live in the same apartment. It happens to be her birthday tomorrow (Click here to message her a happy birthday, since it doesn't come up on Facebook that it's her birthday, the little weasel).

In any case, we came back from her birthday brunch with her parents and it was snowing. Being the cold-blooded person that she is, she absolutely loved it and I thought maybe I could set aside my island-loving distaste for the stuff, and take pictures of her in it :-P. After all, she was all pertied up with the coolest hat ever. Sooo, little miss Europe and I had Roommate fun #2. A bit colder than Roommate Fun #1 but still a lot of fun :)




Then it actually started snowing like nobody's business. Notice the congruent happiness, lol.




AAAAAND for the Final Fotographer's Fave, I'd have to say this one:


Oh yeah, and the dentures part, lol...her birthday brunch happened to be at Cracker Barrel, where I love perusing all the insane little gifts they have. For some reason, I just couldn't resist. In hindsight, it probably wasn't the smartest financial investment, but it made me laugh, lol. Just thought I'd share...


Yes, ladies and trays in the form of dentures, "so no one will steal your cup again." Loves it, lol, that's all for now! Smile people, it's a beautiful day out :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Perseverance | Environment

So I'm in Directing class, right, and I'd been wracking my brain all weekend trying to figure out a place for my environment project. We're to exploit a location, making the mood and feel of it come out more-so than the actual subject.

I'd thought of doing the pool, but c'mon, my last two big projects have involved water: Project one, where I put myself in waterbottles, and Project two, where I had athletes coming out of water for a Nalgene Ad-Series I think I'm on a kick this semester, interestingly enough since I hate drinking water (augh, I know, it's horrible).

IN any case, I digress, I finally caved and we shot for about 4 hours last night, when it should've been 2. Lol, luckily, I had a very forgiving subject and helper. Ben Crerar was my swimmer, and Kristine Barker helped me in my scatterbrained set-ups, and they were extremely good-natured in my artistic wanderings. Many thanks guys (also to Benge for the use of the university pool, and to our awesome campus safety that let us stay in there 'til almost 1 a.m.)

Soooo...four lights, four hours of shooting, and about ten hours of editing later (forsaking the earth science studying I should've done instead..yikes), we're done!

So, here it is, let me know how you likey :) fact, tell me how you don't likey, lol. I'm open to feedback, I'd really like to know what works and what doesn't. Also, if you have any questions...ask! Leave it in a comment just in case anyone else has the same question.

Some have also wondered a bit about post-processing. I know you're out there...those who wonder what's behind the scenes...Here's something you might find a titch interesting...this is the same video, except with just the raw footage, before color-correction.

As far as the sound, there are only two places where I actually used the original production-audio, which was when he set down his stuff, and when he flipped on the light. The rest is actually part of the song (another reason why post was done so fast). Yup, it miraculously and thankfully matched up quite nicely, except a tad of the footsteps at the beginning. The song is "Taking me alive" by Dark New Day.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nalgene Ad Series

Every once in a while, a class will surprise me and I'll actually enjoy it :-P This semester's surprise is raster graphics.

For those who are curious, raster graphics are those that are based on a grid, say for instance a photo. Vector graphics are the ones that aren't. An easy way to tell the difference is if you try to enlarge a raster graphic, it gets pixelated. Vector graphics (like company logos on billboards) don't.

This is my 2nd assignment: Create an ad series. We were to combine 3 or more elements to make two 8x10 vertical spreads, and one 16x10 one.

I chose Nalgene :) The concept was heavily inspired by an amazing graphic designer, Luca la Greca. And I have to give a shout-out to my friends for either suggesting people or risking awkward moments to pose for me, even if some didn't make it to the finished product. :-P Thanks to Jessi, Bjorn, Grant, Carmelle, Lori...Oh, and Benge, thanks for the use of the kayak and Matt, thanks for helping me set up lights and throwing water everywhere, haha. You guys absolutely rock :) Let's do it again.

Woohoo, without further ado, here they are! Vote for your fave at the top; humor me, I'm curious :-P [Poll is now closed. Results of the votes in brackets. Thanks for voting!]

Grant [12 votes, 1st place]

Carmelle [7 votes, 2nd place]

Bjorn [3 votes, 3rd place]

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