Sunday, February 21, 2010

#58, check! Cookie's 10th birthday...

I had the most relaxing Friday night at my friend Meagan's house, and she realized that it was her golden retriever's birthday the next day. This is quite the feat, because exactly one week before, they weren't sure if she'd make it...something about arthritis meds gone wrong.

But she's good now! Despite the guys' jokes of her not still not making it to her birthday, it was a very joyous occasion, and I knew I'd brought my camera for some reason. We literally threw this together on our way out, since we were trying to get to church on time, lol. So, woot for Cookie's 10th birthday, and #58 from my bucketlist checked off: Do a pet shoot :) Enjoy!



A bread-cake, iced with peanut butter and garnished with a milk-bone :)


Cookie didn't really appreciate the party-hat, but after a few readjustments, she kinda stuck with it...


As did the other dogs in the family, Snoodles and the new puppy, Ellie.



It was pretty cool when Meagan's mom brought out a picture of Cookie when they first got her...


Meagan's mom got in the with the festivities, also requesting one of these shots (below). Cookie doesn't really fancy the new puppy's energy very much...especially when it comes a bit close to her birthday treat...


A doggie's 10th; sweet action eh?


  1. LOVE IT!! You got some AMAZING shots too!! Glad you had a relaxing Sabbath!

  2. Tanya, you are so AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for making Cookie's birthday so special with your AMAZING photography skills! They are SO CUTE!!! I will treasure them forever!!! ♥-Meagan


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