Sunday, February 21, 2010

A package 'n check-marks: #17, #29...woot!

Woohoos all around for some more checks off the bucketlist for this year :-P

#17, was to call an old friend out of the blue. I actually wasn't planning it; Thursday I sat next to a guy whose brother was one of my best friends in 8th grade and lo and behold, he gave me Jordan's number. Called him up, and crazy enough, we caught up later that evening at the Creamy Bean over some sandwiches and delicious sushi. Good stuff!

#29 (Get a Gary Fong's Light Diffuser) -- came on Friday...way too cool. Lol, lots of practice to be had before the evening weddings this coming season...


And that would've been cool enough, had I not gotten a package that same day from one of my girls in Majuro! Totally psyched me out to see her handwriting after two years since I was her teacher there in the Marshall Islands (student missionary for a year). Besides including the book I lent her two years ago (lol, island time, what can I say?), she got me the coolest t-shirt that I'll treasure forever. Can't wait to go back 'n check off #1 on my list!


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