Thursday, February 11, 2010

Perseverance | Environment

So I'm in Directing class, right, and I'd been wracking my brain all weekend trying to figure out a place for my environment project. We're to exploit a location, making the mood and feel of it come out more-so than the actual subject.

I'd thought of doing the pool, but c'mon, my last two big projects have involved water: Project one, where I put myself in waterbottles, and Project two, where I had athletes coming out of water for a Nalgene Ad-Series I think I'm on a kick this semester, interestingly enough since I hate drinking water (augh, I know, it's horrible).

IN any case, I digress, I finally caved and we shot for about 4 hours last night, when it should've been 2. Lol, luckily, I had a very forgiving subject and helper. Ben Crerar was my swimmer, and Kristine Barker helped me in my scatterbrained set-ups, and they were extremely good-natured in my artistic wanderings. Many thanks guys (also to Benge for the use of the university pool, and to our awesome campus safety that let us stay in there 'til almost 1 a.m.)

Soooo...four lights, four hours of shooting, and about ten hours of editing later (forsaking the earth science studying I should've done instead..yikes), we're done!

So, here it is, let me know how you likey :) fact, tell me how you don't likey, lol. I'm open to feedback, I'd really like to know what works and what doesn't. Also, if you have any questions...ask! Leave it in a comment just in case anyone else has the same question.

Some have also wondered a bit about post-processing. I know you're out there...those who wonder what's behind the scenes...Here's something you might find a titch interesting...this is the same video, except with just the raw footage, before color-correction.

As far as the sound, there are only two places where I actually used the original production-audio, which was when he set down his stuff, and when he flipped on the light. The rest is actually part of the song (another reason why post was done so fast). Yup, it miraculously and thankfully matched up quite nicely, except a tad of the footsteps at the beginning. The song is "Taking me alive" by Dark New Day.


  1. You are a FANTASTIC maker of films :)

  2. I'm impressed! You actually made the pool area look cool and spooky in a really awesome way, and not the creepy-spooky way it usually looks when I creep in in the am. Good job. :D

  3. Haha, I hear ya with the creepy workplaces...when I close up the photolab at night, I have to be in the darkroom all by myself with the eerie dripping water 'n such. Lol, glad you can have something else to think about when you go to work, haha. I'll see ya there!


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