Tuesday, March 9, 2010

#15 Check!

Ever since the Washed Away film shoot (then called "The Accident"), my former boss and now friend and fellow photographer, Wes Hall, had tied the coolest thing on-set called a monkey's fist. So, naturally, this would be on my bucket-list.

And I've been after him for almost a year now to teach me how to tie it. One random night, he happened to be there for a crew-meeting for a shoot that we found out we were both working on and launched into catching up, INCLUDING an awesome lesson in monkey-fist tying :)

Granted, it's the size of my pinky...but it's done. So bam...Check it!


Thanks to Matt Taylor for the use of his D90 and converting/e-mailing, Ledford for the use of its lens and Wes for his rope :-P

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