Friday, March 5, 2010

#48 - Photocontest entered!

#48 on my bucket-list: Enter a photo contest.

Let me preface this to say that I have no clue if I'll even be a blip on the radar, but again the number on my list mentions ENTERING a, not winning one. So here I am, stuck in the middle of my travels coming home from Mexico. Always always always, I splurge when I'm in an airport (have you seen those prices?? How can you get a candy bar and NOT be splurging??). And I get a photography magazine (or two). I consider it my traveling treat, since I usually don't have time to read zines when school's in session.

So I'm reading American Photo, and I come across an ad for The Look of Love Contest , so I figured I'd go for it and just see how it all worked. Visit the site, there are some pretty cool shots people have already entered.

I picked the Ex-Bachelor's Salute from Kaylin and Jason's wedding to enter into the "Couples portrait" category. Yes, I like the "Thinkin' of you" one better, but it doesn't show a wedding band. And I also like other ones I've taken of just the two of them...but none of them really stood out to me as something being different or original. So I just took a leap.

The contest ends April 5, and winners will have their photo published in American Photo. Prizes also come from the likes of LensBaby, Kubota, Goboda and more. But I remind myself that the goal was to just enter a contest.

So enter I did. And there ya go, lol. #48, Check!

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