Sunday, April 25, 2010

God made us cousins...

...chance made us friends. ~Anonymous

I've worked at camp with Katie for years and gone to the same school since my Junior year in high school, so when her cousins Lisa and Jackie came to town, I was privileged to capture their awesome friendship. We braved bees, thistles, potential poison ivy and stares from passersby, but I'd say it was totally worth it :-P So without further ado...


Laughs n Rust





Then halfway through, they did a quick change 'n got their Southern Cuteness on :-P





And what would the South be without a sexy tractor ;-)...though I think technically it's a dozer.


The end. :)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Michael and Tisha are engaged!

A couple days ago, I met up with Michael and Tisha for their engagement shoot. They've also extended the honor of shooting their wedding in August, and after this session, I absolutely can't wait. Hilarious would be word.

But to back up, we met in various ways. The first that sticks out is when we were on the same New York trip. We were part of different groups, but rode down on the same bus and they happened to sit in front of me. Much to my surprise, they turned around and asked, "Are you Tanya?" Come to find out, they randomly found my long-lost flash-drive (and when you're in film and have tons of media/such on said drive, it's quite devastating when the scrawny little keyring breaks). So they were already on my awesome list ;-)

When we got together, we headed out towards the Greenway and just let the laughs fly...







And yeah, about those laughs...I'd be a horrible friend if I left out some of the fun :-P This would also be the time when both Michael and Tisha find out what the other was doing on the other side of YooHoo.



It was an amazingly fun time you guys. You never cease to make me laugh. Can't wait 'til August!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sun 'n Vogue: Jessica

This Sunday's "magic hour" went to Jessica. We got acquainted our Senior year of high school when we were partnered to be group leaders at a prayer conference. We saw each other on and off through college and went to teach in the islands the same year (though she was on Palau and I was on Majuro). However, our friendship didn't have a chance to grow until this year when our friend circles collided and now I always get my Jessica-hug whenever we all get together :)

Come Sunday, she graciously waited for me to get off work...haha, such a pretty girl surrounded by my crazy coworkers/classmates. We set out and let the fun begin :)






This one I have dubbed, Pride and Prejudice :-P

I always think it's interesting to learn more about my subjects at the session. It happened with Trisha and Marlin, and besides just learning more about my newfound friends, it makes their session so much more personal. At one point, we were driving to a field when we were generally wondering if it would be disrespectful (or morbid) to shoot in a cemetery. That's when she mentioned her grandfather was buried there. So with some quiet respect, we found his grave.


We headed out once again and got some urban shots for her. Lol, this girl got her Vogue on as well. She mentioned that one of her favorite shows was America's Top we played :)







It was a blast girl! You're gorgeous, luv :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

#5 - On-set whip, a.k.a. The Bodacious First A.D.

Woohoo for #5 on the Bucket list! Be a first Assistant Director for a film shoot.

The First Assistant Director is essentially the Director's right-hand man (or woman)...getting cast/crew together, keeping things organized with the extras 'n such, keeping everyone updated for each night of shooting, and being the on-set whip, making sure the shot-list gets accomplished.

I'd have to say, it's tons of fun and I've come to like it a lot. This one in particular was an all-night shoot for a Fellow Filmess and it was quite the ride. Crazy times, but I wouldn't trade it for the world :)

This was a vid-blog about our night out, taken by Jeremy Rowland, another filmie. :)

Young Blood from Jeremy Rowland on Vimeo.

#44 - Dance Dance Revolution

Plain 'n simple, I love to dance...prolly not very well in "dancer terms," but I guess that's why I dance because I love it and not because I'm trying to go anywhere with it, haha. Took a semester of ballet a few years ago, took jazz this past year and then got a chance to dance in both the Indian and Island dance in my school's Asian Night. Not necessarily a DANCE production, but there were certainly dances and it certainly is a production of sorts, so I'm counting it, lol. Here's to another check off the ol' bucket-list:

#44 - Dance in a production.

Tons of fun, twas a blast :)

Photo courtesy of Arvin Tanag

Photo courtesy of Kristine Barker

Photo courtesy of whoever was holding my camera.

#40 - Firestarters

Now that craziness has come to a lull (at least for now), I'm catching up on the blog thing :) I realized a bunch of things on my 2010 Bucket-list is now check-worthy, but haven't had the blog-worthy time for it. So we'll be working on that the next couple days, woot!

Finally got #40 done: Make a fire-starting kit with Jim Buller.

He's a really cool Outdoor Ed teacher who gave a presentation on a Sabbath afternoon last school-year. Prolly onna the best Sabbath afternoon activities I'd done that year, besides hang out with friends. We built fires a couple different ways and learned how to tell which direction North was just using a couple sticks and the sun...buncha other outdoor survival stuff too; total blast.


In any case, since then, I'd been on the prowl to make a firestarting kit with Mr. Buller for a year or so and finally we got a chance to sit down and make it. WOOT!

Basically, it consists of char cloth, a steel striker and flint. It all fits inside an Altoids tin too, so travel-size for rugged conveniency.

He had the striker but it was a bit big for the tin, so he cut it down...

He completely pimped it out though and added a nice leather divider so the char-cloth wouldn't gum up the striker.


Then he topped it off by giving me a piece of pitch-wood. Coolest stuff. When a tree dies, all its sap runs to the bottom and saturates the lower wood. He found a huge stump of it and gave this piece to me. I used a few shavings of it on the camp-out and it was amazing. Just sizzled and flamed up like nothing else.


For those of you wondering how it all works, first you have to make char cloth and herr's whatcha do:

~ This is made out of denim and is an excellent tinder. You actually make this char cloth in the Altoids tin (or a bigger one if you want to make more).

~You put little cut squares of denim in a tin that either has small holes already from a hinge (like mine), or you drill a hole through both the lid and bottom (like his).

~Close up the tin, and put it directly in the fire. After a bit, you'll see a stream of smoke/flame coming out of the hole. Wait until the smoke stops. (Takes about 10 minutes)

~ Take it out and let it cool and voila! These little guys can catch the tiny embers of your flint and steel. Some say you should plug the hole to let it cool...we didn't and it turned out fine, but plug it just to be safe.


You just hold the char cloth with the flint and strike it. It might take a few tries, but when you get it right, you'll get a nice little ember on that char cloth.

~ To build the fire using that ember, you just take a wad of dry tinder and put the ember in the middle of it and start slowly blowing on it. It'll catch like you wouldn't believe. Drop it down and start putting your already-prepared little twigs and sticks on it and seriously, 5 minutes later you've got an awesome little flame going.

The instructions for making char-cloth are to give you the basic idea. If you want more in-depth directions, here is a great step-by-step process written by Jeff Hamilton. Clear photo-direction as well.

As for me, yeeeaahhh, it's gonna take a bit more practice to get the striking right...I tried it on a camping go. I did it before, so I know it's possible, lol, and I could get sparks, but I'm thinking I wanna try to find a bigger piece of flint...or at least hone in the skill, because I more or less ended up using one of those kitchen gas lighters to get our fire started. How epic right? Lol whatever works.

In any case, cheers for #40! Thanks to Mr. Buller, Check!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Vogue-a-licious ;-) | Adrienne

Technically speaking, this would be Roommate fun #3, since yes, this is my illustrious roommate from this school year. Steph moved up in the world as an R.A., but I guess I can forgive her since she's still in our apartment :-P

But this year has been a crazy-fun ride with Adrienne. The day after graduation, she's marrying one of my best friends from high school, and I get to be a bridesmaid! How savvy is that?

In any case, she realized that she had to take advantage of the last opportunity she'd have to take pictures by herself (no offense Desmond, lol), and we went out yesterday for a couple hilarious hours just hanging out...a break we both needed.


Adrienne, you gorgeousness, I luv ya! Lol, we'll design the jeans ad for the first photo ;-) I'm gonna miss you next year...all our late nights, laughter, brainstorming and stupid interruptions about trapped white space.

You are a strong woman of God and I JUST might have to take out Desmond the next time he's on a bike so you can be my roommate again, lol. But just in case I don't get around to it, I wish you two the very best of luck :)


Smiley Grass






Then after all the flower-child pictures, she broke out the attitude 'n got her Vogue on :-P And yes we were laughing ourselves to death, but a blast it was.







*MUAH!* Love ya, I'LL MISS YOOOOUUUUUU (Hey Bennett....)

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