Friday, April 9, 2010

#44 - Dance Dance Revolution

Plain 'n simple, I love to dance...prolly not very well in "dancer terms," but I guess that's why I dance because I love it and not because I'm trying to go anywhere with it, haha. Took a semester of ballet a few years ago, took jazz this past year and then got a chance to dance in both the Indian and Island dance in my school's Asian Night. Not necessarily a DANCE production, but there were certainly dances and it certainly is a production of sorts, so I'm counting it, lol. Here's to another check off the ol' bucket-list:

#44 - Dance in a production.

Tons of fun, twas a blast :)

Photo courtesy of Arvin Tanag

Photo courtesy of Kristine Barker

Photo courtesy of whoever was holding my camera.

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