Friday, April 2, 2010

Free at last | Grace

Grace has been part of my life experiences now for seven years, from Junior year in high school 'til now, our senior year. We've braved those formative years as friends, suite-mates, long-distance pen-pals during our mission-year (Grace in Laos, me in Majuro) and eventually apartment-mates.

She's been a huge support to me, with one of the most giving spirits I've ever known. She is always willing to listen and I admire her even more every morning I come out of my room and see her studying the Bible; she's been there through thick and thin and I was honored to take her senior photos :-P

With our sights set on those gorgeous blooms, we set out on our mini-session:




We headed over to another location and found some cool run-down walls...



And of course we can't forget the Freedom-dance in front of our future Alma mater sign. I'll miss you girl!


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