Thursday, April 15, 2010

Michael and Tisha are engaged!

A couple days ago, I met up with Michael and Tisha for their engagement shoot. They've also extended the honor of shooting their wedding in August, and after this session, I absolutely can't wait. Hilarious would be word.

But to back up, we met in various ways. The first that sticks out is when we were on the same New York trip. We were part of different groups, but rode down on the same bus and they happened to sit in front of me. Much to my surprise, they turned around and asked, "Are you Tanya?" Come to find out, they randomly found my long-lost flash-drive (and when you're in film and have tons of media/such on said drive, it's quite devastating when the scrawny little keyring breaks). So they were already on my awesome list ;-)

When we got together, we headed out towards the Greenway and just let the laughs fly...







And yeah, about those laughs...I'd be a horrible friend if I left out some of the fun :-P This would also be the time when both Michael and Tisha find out what the other was doing on the other side of YooHoo.



It was an amazingly fun time you guys. You never cease to make me laugh. Can't wait 'til August!

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