Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sun 'n Vogue: Jessica

This Sunday's "magic hour" went to Jessica. We got acquainted our Senior year of high school when we were partnered to be group leaders at a prayer conference. We saw each other on and off through college and went to teach in the islands the same year (though she was on Palau and I was on Majuro). However, our friendship didn't have a chance to grow until this year when our friend circles collided and now I always get my Jessica-hug whenever we all get together :)

Come Sunday, she graciously waited for me to get off work...haha, such a pretty girl surrounded by my crazy coworkers/classmates. We set out and let the fun begin :)






This one I have dubbed, Pride and Prejudice :-P

I always think it's interesting to learn more about my subjects at the session. It happened with Trisha and Marlin, and besides just learning more about my newfound friends, it makes their session so much more personal. At one point, we were driving to a field when we were generally wondering if it would be disrespectful (or morbid) to shoot in a cemetery. That's when she mentioned her grandfather was buried there. So with some quiet respect, we found his grave.


We headed out once again and got some urban shots for her. Lol, this girl got her Vogue on as well. She mentioned that one of her favorite shows was America's Top Model...so we played :)







It was a blast girl! You're gorgeous, luv :)

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