Monday, May 17, 2010

#50 - Defintely better than the expected...

Okay don't be completely grossed out, but I hadn't been to the dentist in about 3-4, might've been longer. Had a bunch of stuff done in high school in addition to braces, like a bone-graft, appliances, fun stuff like that, and I guess I'd had enough for a while. But knowing I had to get it done sometime, I put it on my bucket-list for this year (and yes, I plan on living past this year...that's just kind of what it's been dubbed).

Weelllll, I was fully expecting the dental assistant to cringe and make me feel bad enough to start flossing regularly again, but to my elated surprise, I only had 1 cavity!! And it was barely even a cavity. Wooohoo!

So, fun times. I survived! *Check*

Sunday, May 16, 2010

#31, Woot!

The deed is done! #31, Get a 2nd Camera Body is now checked off and I can breathe easy (or at least easier) come wedding-time, should my camera just suddenly decide to throw up error messages I've never seen before (which has happened twice). No worries, I switched it off and on again, my heart re-started and things went accordingly, but still, I wanted to have a bit more insurance when it came to shooting paid-gigs that can't really be repeated.

So woohoo for getting a Nikon D90! I ended up not getting a lens; I was already broke and juggling multiple lenses, so I didn't think I needed another at the moment.

I'm loving the big screen, the quality, and a huge plus: a working flash! The on-camera flash on my D50 was broken (one reason why I got it so cheap and awesome), though the external shoe-mount worked, so it was really no loss...until I wanted to tote my camera to casual events and had to sullenly say no when it came to taking pictures inside. And who wants to mount a huge flash and lug around semi-obese machinery to a birthday party? Meh.

But I think the thing I'm most giddy about is the HD video :) Naturally, being a film-major, I like photography in motion, so that is definitely a plus. The ability of using my lenses just excites me as all get out.

Sooo, here's to the rails ahead!

Jeana & Andrew

Woohoo, they're married! I went to high school with Jeana, but she left me Senior year for Nebraska and I didn't reconnect with her until college. That was when word picked up that she was dating someone and before long, I was honored to be their photographer at their wedding in North Carolina.

It was personal, sweet and uber-cute and I was excited to be shooting with friend and trusted fellow photographer, Emily Kay. Not too many seconds would suggest (and be serious, and actually execute) putting me up in a two-high to get a shot. Lol, priceless.

It was also the maiden voyage of my new camera body, as well as the use of my external flash and light diffuser. Can't say I wasn't nervous about the lighting conditions, as this was my first evening wedding, but I am absolutely stoked to look through the pictures. I'm most pleased with them, so [hopefully], enjoy!

Getting ReadyGetting Ready1Getting Ready2
Dress Details
Dress on
Tying Dress




They wanted to have some portraits done while we still had good lighting...we ran into a slight snag when it started sprinkling (we're counting our blessings; we were hit with torrential rain at rehearsal the night before). But my awesome second ran and got her umbrella and all was well with the world. The bride and groom got a few calm moments together before the big moment.








Bridal party

Groom's party

Father and Daughter




Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Kick-off | Brittany & Rusty

The Kick-off, not meaning this is the kick-off to anything, but that they were the kick-off to my wedding photography :) I met Brittany and Rusty a couple years ago when we were leaders at a youth retreat together; fun times! A little later, they asked if I would take pictures for Rusty's brother, Ricky and voila! First wedding shoot; twas a very valuable experience and I am very grateful to them. So when they asked if I'd take pictures of them, I was not only overjoyed to see them again, but was honored to return the favor :) They constantly kept me laughing as well as each other laughing...their banter kept the session nice and relaxing; just what the doctor ordered :)

Oh and you know how I mentioned before how each shoot takes on its own look? Lol, this one just seemed to have more than a few that fit with cross-processing...iono, let me know whatcha think! Love ya guys!













Saturday, May 1, 2010

Keeping up with the Joneses

Aaah, the cheese, I know! I'm sure they've had that poked at them many times before, but the Jones happened to be my first family shoot and I couldn't resist :) It was so much fun; they're SUCH a cool, outdoorsy family that is so sweet and obviously close to one another. I was given the privilege of going to their quaint cabin to hang out and capture some moments. You might recognize one member of the family...I did a shoot for Jessica not too long ago :)

Finals literally bombed me out, haha, but it made me smile today when I finally got a chance to sit down and edit. Here's to this next week of catching up! Once my roommates' graduation and wedding happen, hopefully I can keep up :)

I find it interesting how each shoot evolves with its own color and/or feel...for some reason, a lot of moments just seem better in black and white, so you may see more than usual, lol. Enjoy!

0 Title


Here's the source of all their laughter :) Two of the coolest dogs ever!


One of 'em happened to be Justin's, so we snapped one for him:





At one point, we decided to take on the woods and went on an excursion to find a fallen tree Mr. Jones had found the other day. After braving the gigantuous patches of poison ivy and briers, we found it! Definitely the coolest trek I've ever had on a shoot :)


When we got back, they requested some more individualized ones and since Jessica already had her shoot, Justin was first on the chopping block :) You'll see this expression a little later; it's a common one within the family and it makes me chuckle.





Congrats on the graduations you guys, God bless the rails ahead :)

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