Sunday, May 16, 2010

#31, Woot!

The deed is done! #31, Get a 2nd Camera Body is now checked off and I can breathe easy (or at least easier) come wedding-time, should my camera just suddenly decide to throw up error messages I've never seen before (which has happened twice). No worries, I switched it off and on again, my heart re-started and things went accordingly, but still, I wanted to have a bit more insurance when it came to shooting paid-gigs that can't really be repeated.

So woohoo for getting a Nikon D90! I ended up not getting a lens; I was already broke and juggling multiple lenses, so I didn't think I needed another at the moment.

I'm loving the big screen, the quality, and a huge plus: a working flash! The on-camera flash on my D50 was broken (one reason why I got it so cheap and awesome), though the external shoe-mount worked, so it was really no loss...until I wanted to tote my camera to casual events and had to sullenly say no when it came to taking pictures inside. And who wants to mount a huge flash and lug around semi-obese machinery to a birthday party? Meh.

But I think the thing I'm most giddy about is the HD video :) Naturally, being a film-major, I like photography in motion, so that is definitely a plus. The ability of using my lenses just excites me as all get out.

Sooo, here's to the rails ahead!

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