Saturday, May 1, 2010

Keeping up with the Joneses

Aaah, the cheese, I know! I'm sure they've had that poked at them many times before, but the Jones happened to be my first family shoot and I couldn't resist :) It was so much fun; they're SUCH a cool, outdoorsy family that is so sweet and obviously close to one another. I was given the privilege of going to their quaint cabin to hang out and capture some moments. You might recognize one member of the family...I did a shoot for Jessica not too long ago :)

Finals literally bombed me out, haha, but it made me smile today when I finally got a chance to sit down and edit. Here's to this next week of catching up! Once my roommates' graduation and wedding happen, hopefully I can keep up :)

I find it interesting how each shoot evolves with its own color and/or feel...for some reason, a lot of moments just seem better in black and white, so you may see more than usual, lol. Enjoy!

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Here's the source of all their laughter :) Two of the coolest dogs ever!


One of 'em happened to be Justin's, so we snapped one for him:





At one point, we decided to take on the woods and went on an excursion to find a fallen tree Mr. Jones had found the other day. After braving the gigantuous patches of poison ivy and briers, we found it! Definitely the coolest trek I've ever had on a shoot :)


When we got back, they requested some more individualized ones and since Jessica already had her shoot, Justin was first on the chopping block :) You'll see this expression a little later; it's a common one within the family and it makes me chuckle.





Congrats on the graduations you guys, God bless the rails ahead :)

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