Monday, June 14, 2010

#21 - Marshallese Mooning

One thing that I always loved in Majuro was the full moon. Full moons would always rise over the ocean and lit up the island like I've never seen. When I went back, it JUST so happened that in the 2 week window I was there, the moon would be full. Whenever I've tried to take a picture of it, it's always either blown out or a silly little white dot in the sky and I've always wanted to learn how to take good pictures of the moon. So I figured this would be the best time to learn. So I got out my trusty (though slow) zoom and set to work on checkin' off that ol' bucket-list.

(You can click for a bigger preview)

Then Ru came out and he's as interested in film as I am, and since there's nothing else to do on an island (haha) he taught me how to take even COOLER pictures of the moon! Taking longer exposures is just really cool in general, but it makes it look like it's in the middle of the day, just with stars! He took this one:

So I tried it when the moon rose behind a cloud (moon rays and everything):

And what's REALLY cool is when you manually set the white-balance. Totally looks like a sunset. WITH STARS!

Aaaaand, that's a big, fat "Check!"

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