Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Time Trashed - #1

The best part is the lack of hangover, lol. This would be my first Trash-the-Dress session...where a bride gets to don the dress once again without the pressure of keeping it immaculate before the ceremony. Some brides will go as far as to wade out in water or lay in mud, etc. So relatively speaking, we didn't actually TRASH it. But we got to wander around enough to dirty it up sufficiently for the title.

We were wanting to do this ever since some random late-night conversation in our room. Adrienne and I could always be found stalking photography/design/wedding blogs into the wee hours of the morning, finding more ideas for her wedding this past May. She made a passing comment about "totally running around city streets" for a shoot.

Fast-forward a couple months where they're now settled in my childhood neck of the woods, and herr we go, yo! We started out in their cute apartment, still in the process of being settled. Then let the ball roll from there...Haha, we dubbed these the Desperate Housewife shots, singing "Stealing Kisses" by Faith Hill along the way.


After running around downtown (Part #2), we came back at about dusk and got some moody the feel of that last one...


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