Monday, October 11, 2010

Be well, yo. | Wellness Club

So the Wellness Club on campus approached me about some picture-taking for their officers. You might actually recognize Lisa from a Cousins shoot I did a ways back. We got some of the mandatory group shots out of the way when I thought back to the Nalgene Ad series I did for raster class. I enjoy exploring the horizons a few miles away from my normal portrait/wedding session, so the idea was thrown out to do a shoot along those lines.

Away we went, aaaaand the rest is history :-P Had to throw a quick preview up, so enjoy! Mazel tof.

Bat - Branded
KneelingBat - Branded
Bike - Branded
Racket - Branded
Weights - Branded


  1. Good use of color (or, uh, black mostly) and lighting to give the athletic feel. Nice work!

  2. EPPPICCCC shots! These are freaking amazing! Loving the lighting sitch that you've got going on.


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