Thursday, October 7, 2010

Childhood Bestie | Ellen

Gonna be working on blogs for the morning, WOOT!

A bit ago, my childhood best friend got married. We both remember "knowing" each other when we were bitty-small, but we didn't really get to be best friends until we were 14 or 15. Great time to be buds, haha, Ellen's been there through the crazy formative years and we've somehow stuck it out over state-lines and clashing schedules. Soooo many amazing memories in good ol' Virginia, then North Carolina and now Tennessee.

She and Tyler got married August 15 in an uber-cute/suave style and I got to slip into the dressing room really quick before it started. She was about to go out, but I got some shots (I'm terrible at not being "photographer" when I have my camera in my hands, hahaha).








After I reminded myself that I got to relax and fall in the "friends/family" category, I set aside the stills aspect and took up the film one, lol. Yes, the D90's video has a bit of jello-cam, but I find myself a bit too broke at the moment to shell out enough for a DSLR with decent video. Afterwards, I realized I had enough for a little montage:



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