Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ice Angel | Alyssa

Last week brought a photoshoot I'd never done before: In the snow! Alyssa and I have both been living on the campus of our high school since '04...I was there from the year before, and she came when her dad became my choir director my Senior year. I hadn't really gotten to know her, since she came on my way out, but playing in the snow was a blast. Her parents toted us around Lake Junaluska, and though I'd seen its beauty in the summer, the winter snow made it magical.

We may have ended up with slightly numb/frozen extremities, but it was well worth it.

Color - Sun
4 - sun
BW - Sun
Looking up

We passed a Bonsai tree, and besides the fact that it's my nickname (lol, true story), we had to partake because it was just too awesome...

Looking out

We had to include her and her baby :)


Loved it! Good luck your senior year girl!

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  1. Tanya,

    These are amazing!!! Thanks for braving the snow! Put me down in your book in two years for Ben.


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