Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sittin' in a Tree | Kaleigh & Kyle


Can I just say, I absolutely love people who love life? I met Kaleigh in the photolab where I was an instructor, and it wasn't very often that I saw her without a smile. Usually, as the photographer, you're trying to get them comfortable and laughing with each other, which can take a bit of time. Though I had never met her high school sweetheart before, it wasn't long into the shoot where they had ME laughing. I am so stoked to also be their wedding photographer this coming fall!

This shoot was the greatest of ease and SO much fun, I didn't really want to leave at the end of it. (We had to because we couldn't be at Sunset Rock after dark, lol). But to start at the beginning, we set out to capture some of their love of life in downtown Chattanooga.


We passed by this really cute restaurant and asked if we could take pictures inside. It was so picturesque, I loved it! We got in a few before hungry customers came and made it a bit awkward, haha.


Afterwards, the sunset was coming, so we jumped in the car and headed up Lookout Mountain to see it. They donned some more comfortable clothes at the Battlefield and we kept on. First thing, they ran up to a tree, haha. Totally a couple after my own heart; so with eyes out for the park people who'd tell them to get down, they had their moments.


We headed up a bit further to see the sunset from Sunset Rock. I absolutely love the outdoors, so the little jaunt down the trail was incredibly relaxing; that fresh air is addicting. And of course the view wasn't too bad either ;-)


A great time indeed, and by now, you've seen how much they laugh together, but you've gotta have a better idea of why: Kyle is quite the character and it totally wouldn't be fair not to show how hilarious this guy is. So with permission, I'm ending it on a light note :-P If a couple who laughs together, stays together, then they'll have no trouble at all. Cheers!


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