Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Goat | GTO

So my dad has always had an affinity for anything with wheels...particularly the faster ones, but he has a knack with all of them, even if it's fixing the academy's bus that loves to [frequently] be maintenanced.

Though he's talented with vehicles in general (we...mostly he, did an engine/transmission swap for Brutus, my trusty Land Cruiser a while back), every once in a while he likes to take an afternoon drive and "let the horses run."

Enter The Goat. A 2004 GTO that we got in Dec. of '04, our fam has a bit of a soft-spot for it =P When dad's birthday rolled around, we realized we didn't have any pictures of it and how there weren't really any pictures of their first car (a '66 GTO that he and my mom pooled together $400 for...$50 more for 4 new tires...oh how the times have changed).

Since we couldn't really change the first fact, we focused on the second, and voila! This shoot happened =) This one will also be turned into a book, much like my brother's Bikes book.

Enjoy =)


He explained later why he changed out the Pontiac emblem with this one. For all the car-illiterate people out there (like me), this car was originally made by GM Holden, an Australian manufacturer, and then imported, where then Pontiac arrows were put on it. You'll see it also on the steering wheel.


The field was a lot of fun to work with, not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about it. Later that week, we took it out onto the parkway to enjoy some fall colors.

There, we found an overlook and took some more detail shots. I really like the lighting in these; so smooth!


Twas fun Poppy =)

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