Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Letting go of the crap | Beth

So one of the faculty at my alma mater approached me and said she had to take a head-shot for a brochure she was going to be in. Haha, she made it clear that she wasn't overly excited about taking pictures (Truth: A lot of people who come to me for pictures are uneasy about it at first, haha), but we set up a time and started the session.


A little into the session, I learned a little more of the story: she was deciding to let go of crap in her life, at least one thing every day, one day at a time. According to her philosophy, "crap" is everywhere within our lives and we are quite literally holding onto the little turds (pardon the graphics), and keeping ourselves from having a happier, carefree and holistically better life. For her, picture-taking ran a thread through some of her insecurities, and yet she had made a conscious decision to let go of it and face her fears.

I thought this was AWESOME!! I run into people's insecurities all the time when it comes to looks and taking pictures, and I can concur (take my word as a photographer) that it is indeed "crap."

People will come to me and be afraid of me taking pictures of their left side, or that they're not fond of their nose/teeth/lovehandles/hair/hands/feet/etc. and I never would've picked out anything out of the ordinary unless they'd pointed it out like they did. And I'm the one paid to notice things!

Lol, here's a secret...if someone says it's a good picture of you, even if you hate it, obviously they found something that told them it was a good picture. So it's probably a good picture of you. Seems elementary eh?

I can tell seriously tell Beth AND everyone else, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL =) When you are being yourself, letting yourself relax and releasing those little turds (lol), you'll find yourself a lot happier.

Enjoy our mutually therapeutic, turd-free session =P


Lol, yes Beth, laugh all you want...


Cheers to letting go of crap! Woohoo! Beth, it was a pleasure...you were (and ARE) amazing =)



  1. Tanya, to you my dear girl! I believe your gift is not seeing the perfect light, the perfect moment or the perfect angle, but being willing to see the person. You have a gift for finding and highlighting the joy, the playfulness, the personality and then on top of that you wrap it up in artistic perfection! You don't just have an artistic gift but a soul gift. You took this middle aged, insecure mess, who wanted, for the first time, to let it go! You took what would bore some photographers and found a way to see what I so desperately hoped was there!!!! Not a person of outward perfection, not a perfect body, or a perfect face, but a real live human being who is beautiful! My one fear was that my journey, the struggle, the vulnerability I wanted to share would bore you, and that you would just want to get it over with. I mean after all, I am no Alisha! That was the crap I was dealing with the day of the shoot. But I put it down and let you in and you embraced me. Thanks for sharing your soul gift with me and so many others. It is truly what makes you different from every other photographer who can take a good picture.

  2. Beth & Tanya--these pictures are so beautiful. I think that's because they are SO REAL.
    I think you and I have been on the same journey, Beth. Maybe it's the age of 50 approaching on the horizon that has me reevaluating the "crap" in my life. Mostly I just want to become truly at home in my own skin and love the physical person that life has grown me into. I also think it's time to embrace my flaws and learn from them, rather than running from them or protesting their presence in my personality. I think that's what happens when you experience true character growth. Beth--you always seem to be saying just the think I need to hear to take the next step on the path. Thanks to both of you!!
    ~~Sandi Brewer

  3. Thank you so much for your words...it truly touches me to think that I can help in any way just by taking pictures! You are very welcome, thank YOU!


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