Thursday, December 27, 2012

[Editorial] Washington DC | Bradley

I recently made a move to the DC area for a temp job, and it just so happened that Bradley had family up there too.  Paths crossed and we got together over his Thanksgiving break to check out downtown DC :)

Many thanks to his Grandpa, a native who was our chauffeur for the session.  Luckily his job was easy, since we went to the Memorial park and basically stayed put.  (I blame that one on me -- those columns were irresistible.)

Maybe the politicians rubbed off on me, maybe it's just the regal columns that did it, I don't know, but I noticed that every single photo reminded me of an editorial spread.  So this one's laid out a bit different. 

I had fun putting this one together :)   Congrats Bradley -- I'll miss seeing ya around!

Cover Sillhouette_Lincoln_Memorial_Washington_DC Sleeves Sitting_Pillars LongExposure Milestone B&W_Opportunity Success Pillars_Standing Propped Happiness-&-Horizons Coat

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rachel & BJ Fambam

I met Rachel when she was still in high school; I was interviewing her for a  documentary I was filming for class.  We got to talking about her interests and it just so happens that we both had a love of photography :)

Though she's already taken some fantastic photos of her beautiful baby, I figured I could help her out taking pictures of her family so she could actually be in them :-P

CUTEST. EVER.  Definitely the most expressive baby I've taken pictures of!


Family Swing Kiss Happy Feet Individuals Father_Son_Toss Father_Son_TummyTime Father_Son_Happy Father_Son_2 Mother_Son_Wide Mother_Son Family_Toss CoupleMed CoupleClose Fam_Pumpkin Expression LittleManPumpkin

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Steampunk | Evolution of a logo

BECKETT: "Steampunk..."

CASTLE: "It's a subculture that embraces the simplicity and romance of the past--at the same time, couples it with the hope and promise and sheer SUPER COOLNESS of futuristic design."

-ABC's "Castle" Season 3, Ep. 4

...Or, put simply by the good ol' urban dictionary, the sub-genre of speculative fiction and fantasy could be summed up by the slogan, "What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner."

For those that still need help, think steam-powered inventions, cogs and aviator goggles.  Then look it up, cause it's quite fascinating.

My friend is also fascinated by it and after seeing a doodle of mine on Facebook, I was hired to create a logo based on several images he provided.  Enjoy the evolution!

The design concept was to combine a cameo silhouette with appropriate accessories and a steam-powered airship.   I started with the ship.
[Concepts:  Basic design (above), junk sails (right) and steam powered components (below)]

Preliminary sketch and ink fill-in:

Then came the cameo of the girl -- combining silhouettes, wardrobe and accessories:

Initial sketch/adjustments:  move her higher in the design, hat shape, hair, wardrobe, arm.


     As we filled it in, we realized that it seemed like two separate entities, so we opted for filling in the designs of the ship as well as the sails.


Initial scan, digitally adjusted levels and filled in blacks.

Added froofy-fluff to tie it all in and Voila!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Featured on Rubies and Ribbons Wedding Blog

So apparently some friends of mine pinned a recent familiar image you may remember from the Canon Project Imaginat10n contest. :) It has since gained a little circle of momentum from fellow Pinterest perusers and was found by Ruby, a Canadian blogger from Toronto.  (Should you want to repin it as well, Ruby's blog post can be found on Wedding Gawker's website)

I was honored to be featured on her site as well as give a little background and behind-the-scenes for Andrew & Tara's wedding photos in the rain.

Pop over and have a gander!  >>>  Click  <<<

Chattanooga | The Elder Family

"So now that you know we're not axe-murderers, will you come be a youth leader in the middle of nowhere?" -- said the guy who was the friend of an acquaintance I'd met in a coffee shop.  

Not sketch at all.

I met a guitarist during a random encounter in Cafe MiAroma, now devastatingly closed.  After about a year of chatting online with him (who became known as Todd) he mentioned a friend of his who was a youth pastor, and how he needed someone to head up the girls for a weekend youth retreat.

Who knew the guy would become known as Jonathan, an amazing youth pastor just crazy about his kids from the South Pittsburg Baptist youth group.  And rightly so, cause I got to know 'em too :)  I've never known someone to love on his group so much.

He and his lovely wife Wynter have continually opened my eyes to the meaning of service and love---the way they keep up with, and are there for, the kids, and constantly keeping concerned for their well-being in all aspects.

Naturally, they'd pour that love into a family of their own and in March, we all met Clara Ann :)

Enjoy meeting her too!  Seriously, one of the most happy babies I've met :)

Peekaboo Chattanooga_Wide_Portrait Kisses Held_High Daddy_Kiss Mother_Daughter_4top Fountain Chattanooga_Fountain_Carousel_Family Carousel_Family Carousel_Kiss Father_Daughter_Black_White Family_Chattanooga_Walking_Bridge_Coolidge_Tennessee_Aquarium Father_Daughter_Baby_Kiss_Chattanooga Bridge_Walking Bridge_Shoulders_Kiss Bridge_feet

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