Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Matt & Elizabeth

I've waited for this one to happen for a while. Matt, my trusty 2nd shooter, has had to endure the same question after every wedding we shoot: "So...Matt...When's it your turn??" Turns out poor Elizabeth didn't have to wait too awful long! New Year's Eve was the magic day. Very cool, specifically when the ball was around the "3--2--1" height. =)

They're good friends of mine, and both sooo laid back and awesome, so I knew we'd have no problem having fun. Lol, it's a good thing we had that attitude, because when we set out (the first day), it was raining. But we came back for an epic night-shot and finished up with some nice ones on the trail, so all is well =P

C'mon, are they not the coolest?


And this would be a Forever Rose...a real rose preserved in lacquer and trimmed in pure platinum. He dove towards the box under the bed for it, ran around the corner and power-slid to a knee to ask her =P


Then there was this epic tree that was growing out of the corner of a building. This would be about the time it started raining really hard...


Lol, we liked the rain so much that we took to the streets with it =)


Epic night-shot!! Lol, we had to get at least one of Matt holding the flash ;-) Besides...it was his flash anyway, lol. He'd just gotten a remote trigger and we were amped to try it out for this shot. They'd seen this and wanted to try it. Not too shabby eh?

And then we came back the next day for some normal-weathered shots, haha.


You guys are too awesome; can't wait til your wedding in April!! Or was it May? .... ;-) Much luv, you two!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Splat | Tyson & Caitlin

Nicknames can be oh-so-endearing...the one I happened to get from a big brother of mine happened to be "Squirt." Typical eh? I didn't necessarily want to be left out of the name-calling, so somewhere along the way, I started calling him "Splat." Lol, it was all out of love, and it's not gonna be too long now before Splat will be happily married to Caitlin =P

A bit ago, I got to meet her...she'd gone to school with Tyson years ago, but as the story would have it, they didn't really like each other that much. In fact, the way my brother relayed it, the eye-rolls of annoyance would flip on whenever she came around...particularly because she'd show up at his work with a gaggle of friends and torment the poor kid until he smiled. << apparently wasn't his favorite past-time for a spell. Lol, of course my brother smiled, but the loud and boisterous type, he'd usually take in smaller doses.

And now? I've never seen my brother so happy; that sounds so cliche, but it's true. They reunited through mutual friends/family and voila! Wuv!

Prime example: Tyson would aaaaaallllllwwwaayyyyys dodge cameras if he could. He hated having his picture taken and would usually duck behind his hand or raise a soda can just in time for the shutter to click (much to the exasperation of Barbara, the self-appointed camp photographer of our youth).

I was more or less thinking that's how this shoot was gonna go =P But when he was smiling away with no real thought towards the camera at all, I knew it had to be cause of the girl ;-) She's just completely tugged out the quirky and cool side of my bro =D We'll get a chance to bond on an Everglades trip in a couple weeks. SO PSYCHED!

Caitlin, you're awesome and I can't wait to get to know ya more.

Welcome to the fam! Love you both!

We started in downtown Asheville =)


For anyone who knows me, notice the clip on his pocket. Yup folks, he's the reason I carry a Benchmade ;-) He outfitted our fam with 'em...hahaha tools of the Musgrave clan...


Of course, he'd take my instruction to point at something they liked....differently...


Then we headed to the fields!



To the trails ahead! =)


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