Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Matt & Elizabeth

Matt and Elizabeth's day came with laid-back ease--it's always a blast shooting for college-mates because it always seems to end up being more fun than work. =P  Matt often shoots weddings with me, so he knows the pace of a wedding day--maybe that's why it was a super lax day, haha.

Matt and I had joked before that since he was often my 2nd, he'd still have to hold the flash and take his own wedding pictures with a Go-Pro helmet cam ;-)  Thankfully for him, Adrienne, my other side-kick 2nd, stepped in and did a fantastic job!

Congrats friends!  Enjoy the day again =D

MakeUp GettingReadyCollage Hair2 Hair DressShoes MattTie GroomGettingReady

I DID find this next one interesting, because usually it's the girls that are pressed against the windows watching the reveal ;-)

GuysWatching Reveal Sunglasses Exterior Bridal Groom Window Matt_PoolTable PoolTable PoolTable2 Elevator Library BridesmaidsBouquet Brother Groomsmen Boys WeddingParty KissParty BrideProcessional ChurchWide BibleBoy Ceremony WalkBack BridesmaidsChillin' CakeFight GarterGettin' Toss Dancing Chasing ShoeGame GetAway

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  1. Probably my favorite set of pics ever!!! Pool table shots, elevator shot (hawt) ;), them dancing in the middle with movement all around... Bravo Tanya!!!


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