Thursday, May 10, 2012

Newborn! | Hamstra

Not surprisingly, beginning this photography shindig during my college years caused most of my playground to be Engagement or Wedding shoots.  Lately though, thanks to the Hamstra Family, I've gotten to experiment with maternity and recently, newborn!

That's right, she gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl, and I was not only privileged to photograph her the first day home (a mere 3 days old!), but she also had amazing props/backdrops/knitted wonders to work with too -- something wedding photography had never prepared me for ;-) 

Enjoy this beautiful miracle =)

Basket YawnStretch B&W

Lol, one must embrace ALL the beauty of having a newborn ;-)


Adrienne got to come along and experience her first newborn shoot as well; we both figured out that security is what calms a baby down -- so lots of cradling until she settled down into her sleeping self =P

  AdrienneBunny TwinShots Arms FetalPosition

When it came time for big brother to hold her, he was having fun exploring his little sister and discovering she had a nose, ears and feet just like him =P


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