Friday, May 11, 2012

Thana | Senior Vogue ;-)

This girl was quite the bit of awesome when we got together for her senior shoot -- we took off to this run-building I'd seen before, and found pretty much awesomeness to work with.  She was also bedecked with the most unique outfit I've worked with yet (rockin' btw), so we somewhat did a shoot to match =)

Congrats girl!  Shoot for the stars luv ~

White Headshot Grass1 Grass2_Asheville_Candler_SeniorShoot GrassSmile

I suspected she'd be up for crazy ideas, so on our way around the building, we found random piles of junk (literally)...carpet here, rocks there....tile....

", this next one might be...different. You up for it?"

"Ehh I'm up for whatever."


Tile TileShade

We kept going around the building and found the backside of a billboard. *Cue moment of silence and Heavenly chorus of ideas* The only problem was getting up there -- having a basic knowledge of gymnastics helped. What DIDN'T help was that there was nary a male around to do the lifting, and I'm not exactly the type to base. (I crumble giving Junior-campers piggy-back rides in the summer, it's more or less sadly devastating)

However, with the help of the post, and some innate parkour skills, Thana used whatever she could of my leg and shoulders to get up there and from there it was a playground (until she had to get back down, but we survived. Obvies.)

Billboard1 Billboard2 BillboardB&W BillboardB&W1.5 BillboardB&W2 Smile'nShoe

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  1. Great pictures. You're beautiful Thana. Great photography Tanya


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