Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tennessee River Place | Abner & Edely

I think it's pretty accurate to say that Abner was a bright spot in my college career. Saw him around and they showed a video of him being a student missionary on the island of Palau (it actually had a bit of an influence in ME going out as an SM on the island of Majuro). I always knew he was hilarious, but I don't think I truly understood until I sat next to him for a semester in Chemistry my last year there. Both equally lost, we got together with a few others to form THE best study-group. EVER.

It was in the middle of a study session where he showed us a picture of the ring...naturally, me and the other girl in the group pounced on it and vibed that he dispel all details of his plan. Enter miss Edely.

It didn't take long...just a couple hours sitting and chatting with them about anything, everything and nothing, and I found out how equally cool she was =) They are crazy about missions, summer camp, and God...(they're the first couple to pray with me at the consultation meeting). Hearts of gold, both of 'em. They had such an appreciation for photography--something I LOVED and appreciated so much. How could I refuse? ;-)

K, I'll get to the pictures...just gotta say though, IT WAS A BLAST. Perfect blend of humor, cuteness, gorgeous views, and fun. Love you guys!

GettingReady2 GettingReadyDress GettingReady3 AbnerGettingReady GroomsmenHangingOut BridalnShoes BridalBed

The bouquet was one of the most unique I've seen yet--Abner and Edely made it out of paper!

GroomBouquet RevealFix RevealOnlookers RevealMontage RevealLast RevealB&W Couple1 SwingRings Swing BridalUmbrella FieldUmbrella FieldB&W Bridesmaids Bridesmaids2 GroomsmenLaughing GroomsmenFeet GroomsmenV Kiss&weddingparty Details Ceremony_Side BrideBalcony BrideEntrance Abner_BrideEntrance Ceremony_BrideEntrance FistBump CeremonySaxaphone

Edely had teamed up with a friend to try to get shells from Palau for their Unity ceremony -- they literally got there that morning I believe. Suuuuch an awesome idea.


A bit into the ceremony, I noticed a few guys adjusting their ties. At first it was sporadic, but then there was no way it could've been coincidence. Haha, that's when I realized that they adjusted their ties every time they said the word "love."

'Love'adjustment CeremonyAisle CeremonyPrayerKiss CeremonyWide

And maybe I'm just a happy little islander at heart, but just imagine the bubble pictures with "I'm Yours/Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Straight No Chaser playing. Magical.

BubbleWalk WalkBack WeddingParty TN_Tennessee_River_Place Cake Entrance ReceptionPrayer Reception

Saw this throughout the ceremony--finally figured out that they were Live-streaming it for a couple of our friends that couldn't make it because they were in Korea.

Livestream CakeCutting Toast TN_TennesseeRiverPlace BouquetToss GarterGettin' Naturally with a lot of the groomsmen being on Abner's team when it came to intramurals, they had to spice up the garter toss. Probably my most exciting one to date, lol.
GarterBall GarterBaller Havin'Fun Sparklers_Kiss Getaway GetAwayB&W

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  1. The pics are beautiful! You were able to capture evey moment so beautifully. And not because he is my brother, but this wedding was fun! It's was fun because you were able to see there laid back, funny, loving characters through out the ceramomy. It wasn't upright or so serious like if you were at a funeral!! Great job!


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