Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blackfox Farms | Andrew & Tara

I've always had a soft spot for southern charm -- as soon as I sat down with Andrew and Tara in Joe's office at Blackfox Farms (complete with a cat curled up on the desk), and took a stroll around the grounds, I knew this would be a photographer's playground.

Besides that fact, Andrew and Tara have become some pretty legit friends from college and crazy awesome to be around, so I knew it'd be fun =)

We were thrown a curveball when it rained on and off most of the day, but you'd never know by everyone's attitudes.  After a quick trip to get umbrellas and a call for rain boots, we were ready to go.  Ebb and flow becomes them and they just rolled with whatever they had (and rocked it!)  Suuuper fun day with many adventures =) Props to my second, Matt Taylor for braving a balancing act over a pond and helping me get some epic shots.  Enjoy!

GettingReady GettingReadyFlower DressDetail DressOn Dress DressLacingB&W Lipstick DetailsRingsFlower BirdcageWide BirdcageFixing BridalBouquet AndrewGettingReady Groom GroomRing FirstLook1 FirstLook2 FirstLook3 FirstLookOnlookers FirstLook4 FirstLook5 PondShoulderKiss Boots UmbrellaKiss UmbrellaRings BrideDoorFull BrideDoorSmile DoorKiss Bridesmaids Groomsmen
Aaaand they had a silo. With ferns. How cool is that? Lol, I actually have a video of them singing "My Girl" in the fantastic acoustics. Good stuff.
GroomsmenSilo Wedding_Party_Blackfox_Farms_Tennessee_Chattanooga
This wedding was fantastic for details --
In the space that was to be used for the reception, they fashioned it around to accommodate the ceremony as well, and it was MAGICAL. "Love all ze twinkles!!" (in best meme voice)
WalkingDown CeremonyWide Kiss
Now if I remember correctly, Andrew went to Peru as a student missionary and came across a little vehicle known as the Tuk Tuk. They wanted one as a get-away vehicle, but couldn't find one, but little did they know that good ol' dad had a trick up his sleeve =) In a random stroke of luck, he ran into someone who had one, who fixed it up as a surprise. Best getaway car everrr.
TukTukReaction TukTukSurprise TukTuk_Black&White_Wedding
Then we were off to the festivities!
FirstDance2 FirstDance CakeCutting GarterRetrieval BouquetToss DanceKickoff! FunDance DanceDance! TukTukWaiting Getaway1 Getaway2 Getaway3
Andrew and Tara took a lap around the block and came back for a couple more shots. One under the twinkle lights outside...

...and then a special little project where they let me play =) See I'd looked at the forecast and slightly panicked because of the rain--sooo what else could I do but Google it. "Wedding photography, rain, night" Twas there that I got an idea (from a guy who borrowed the idea from another guy, who borrowed it from another guy, so I didn't have any guilt in trying it too).

What resulted were shots that Matt and I literally squealed and laughed about the entiiiire way home (we're such nerds). Thanks so much Andrew and Tara for an epic time -- much love you guys!!

Rain1 Rain2 Rain3


  1. You never cease to amaze me Tanya. Awesome as always, but these might be my favorite wedding shots of yours :)


  2. The night rain shots are ... so... wow!

  3. Your photography is outstanding, Tanya! Love this series! How are you doing these days? :)

  4. I love your shots! You should squeal like a nerd. They're awesome!

  5. OMG Tanya!! Beautiful! One of my favorite sets so far <3

  6. Great shots as always but I love that last few pictures! It is raining? Amazing!!!


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