Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shooooot | 2012 Camaro ZL1

It wasn't long ago that we said goodbye to our beloved Goat...and said hello to a Camaro ZL1. It wasn't long afterwards that I got my dad out on the roads/parking lot to take some pitchaas! So with my brother driving in the Land Cruiser and me hanging out the back, we got a moving shot...


After that, we headed to parking lot for some other angles and to finish the details...

ZL1_Front34 ZL1_front ZL1_Dash_details ZL1_Wheel ZL1_Seat ZL1_Black_and_White ZL1_Front_Top

Then there was a lighting dealio that I'd only helped experiment with before that I wanted to try, so we went down to the shop, shut off all the area lights (shout out to dad who even fired up the bus to block the light from across the street), and got the flash fired up.


Then with some compositing in post, voila! Each one is a composite of about 4-8 exposures. Fun stuff =)

ZL1_ad1 ZL1_ad2 ZL1_ad3

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