Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunrise Wedding | Leo & Hilary

{July 15, 2012} "Would it be professional of me to admit that I'm terrified to shoot for you?"

 I'll admit, I've always been up for a challenge--especially a unique one. This one was definitely all of that and more, even if the lighting situation scared the junk out of me. Leo and Hilary decided on something fun and different--a sunrise wedding. They talk about it in their interview with News Channel 9, who also showed up to the shindig =P With their non-traditional wedding trending on Twitter, the  day was turning out to be just as fun and spontaneous as the couple.

 I met Leo and Hilary both, separately, in the university photo lab where I was an instructor. Hilarious times to be had--we ended up becoming friends and fans of each other's work. Leo, already a photographer, continued with it and has exploded my mind with a lot of his landscapes and work with HDR -- I was more than honored to shoot their special day. :)

Big ups to my 2nd, Ricky Oliveras--though we'd never shot together, much less in a challenging lighting situation, he was a beast at helping me capture some great moments.

 Leo and Hilary, it was a blast--I'm so glad I could be there. Matt B., as well as everyone else present, were blessed to be part of your big day. Big hugs and best wishes--luv ya both.

And without further ado, let's get started with the day!  I passed them setting up by car-light on my way up to the house :)

Upon locating the girls, I knew right off I wanted pictures of them in her presents to them: matching robes!
BoudoirBridesmaids Dress GettingReady4 GettingReady3 BridesmaidFix GettingReady2 SelfPicGirls GettingReady1 GettingReadyLeo2 GettingReadyLeo Rings
We made our way down to the wedding site, where lights and blanketed guests awaited.
Lighting-Details Waiting Aisle Receiving Prayer Laughing-Ceremony Kiss
Light faded in and began to breathe life into the wedding, as guests, fellow family and former classmates found one another.
Definitely the first wedding I've shot where the press showed up...
News BouquetGarter
And another bout of excitement: a matching Challenger awaited to take them away.
CarWaiting Getaway1 BrideInCar Getaway2
With that, we headed off with the wedding party to the nearby airstrip to take some pictures in the morning light. (Geek note: Leo let me borrow one of his wide-angle lenses on Ricky's full-frame camera *drool* Good mercy....so mean.)
Wedding_Couple_Car_Airstrip_Kiss CoupleCarKissSun Ladies GroomsmenBoss GroomCar DressCar GroomPlane CarLegs BrideCar CoupleCar CoupleRings


  1. Absolutely love that picture of her with her legs up on the car's open door! WOW!!

  2. =D! It's one of my favorites, not gonna lie

  3. Tanya...you are B A W S S

    Epic wedding pictures. Epic

  4. You look so fabulous on your wedding dress and wonderful pictures with a very nice shot. Congratulations both you. :D

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