Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Canon Project Imaginat10n

Dec. 6, 2012 Update: The photo you guys voted is one of 10 chosen by Jamie Foxx to inspire his next short film!  :)

He announced it in a CNN Exclusive:  http://www.wdsu.com/news/entertainment/Jamie-Foxx-s-new-creative-endeavor/-/9853140/17665792/-/g35yvuz/-/index.html

It's the first one he actually holds up :)  You guys rock!  Couldn't have done it without you!

Woohoo!  YOU GUYS DID IT! =D

A bit ago, I submitted a photo from Andrew & Tara's wedding into the "Mood" category for the Canon Project Imaginat10n contest.

A rundown of what it is, and how it works:  Last year, Ron Howard (Andy Griffith's character, Opie; Director of films such as Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind) made a call for photos.  With over 100,000 submissions, he chose 8 and they inspired his next work, a short film titled, "When You Find Me."

This year is a bit different.  Instead of submitting to one category, there are 10 categories (Backstory, Character, Time, Mood, etc.)  Though he still heads it up, there are going to be 10 celebrity directors making shorts.  Five directors have been announced, and the remaining five will be revealed later.

Of the 10 categories, 91 winners were chosen--10 from 9 categories, and one from a category called, "Discovery."

In the "Mood" category alone, there were about 7,700 photos submitted--a panel of judges selected 30 finalists, where they were then opened to the public for voting.  The top 7 were selected as winners, and an additional 3 were chosen by Ron Howard and judges.

Thanks to you all, this photo is one of those 10 winners!

The winning photos will be the "pool" from which the celebrity directors will choose the inspiration for their films.

The photographers, regardless if they are chosen by the directors, will be awarded tickets to the Film event next year, and prize money towards the Canon online store.

Thank you so much everyone for your encouragement and your votes; it means a lot to me.  I'm humbled and honored that you've taken the time to support my work. You guys rock!

All glory to God--Stay fabulous,


Link to Canon USA Winner Announcement Press Release 


  1. Soooo excited for you!!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. OH MY WORD! You are so amazing!! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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