Sunday, October 21, 2012


And here's to the kick-off of a Senior photo-shoot rush :-P  I'm going on a six-month extravaganza in D.C. starting in November ("extravaganza" being a word that reflects my excitement a bit better than "job"), and before I leave, we wanted to make sure we got Senior pictures done for the girls :-D

Starting with Darian!  Beyond sweet, with her head on straight, she's a bright and sunny soul around campus.  In fact, I remember at a staff Christmas party (our parents both work at the same school), she was "stealing" some movie tickets from my brother in a gift-exchange game---when he playfully lamented that his date with his wife was pilfered, she immediately felt so sorry that she tried to give them back and offered to babysit. :-P

Her kind soul will go far--Enjoy the preview!

B&W_Piano_Mount_Pisgah_Academy_Church Playing_Piano Piano_Inside B&W_Wheat Wheat Wheat2 B&W_Smiling Vertical_Blue B&W_Laughing CUCrossProcess LayingDown_RailroadTracks RailroadTracks Congrats girl!

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