Thursday, October 25, 2012


Gabby! This girl is quite the character that I got to know a bit better than some others; she was one of my girls for a few years at summer camp. Ever the chill and calm presence, her thoughtful sarcasm always made me laugh.  Only a couple times were we able to jam on guitar/ukelele together--wish it could've been more chica!

 Enjoy this little mini-session of ours!

 So yes....we started at her job. Posterity, ya know? There are only a few places in high school that will strike that nostalgia chord.

 And who WOULDN'T wanna remember sitting in wait for unsuspecting an Iron Man mask? Am I serious....yes...yes I am.

Life@theOffice Iron_Man_Mask

Even super heroes have to deal with citizens and time-cards...

And yes, we got her to show her face ;-)

Ukelele Laughing

We hit up a local bookstore that will remain anonymous ;-) and snapped a few in her favorite section: comics.

  B&W_ComicComic-2 Comic_wide

It was awesome chillin' with you for a bit girl--congrats and best wishes for your future decisions!

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